Why You need Meta tags on your website.

Sunday April 10th By Sean

Why You need meta tags on a website
Meta tags are a way for sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and most social media sites like Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and more. If you don’t have meta tags google might show something like “We make videos for people”
the website says “We make videos for people like you!”.
These slight differences in the text might make customers want to not buy your product.

How do I set this up?

One of my favorite websites for this is seoptimer.com You enter all the info about your website like your Site title, Site Description, Site Keywords, If you want robots to index your website, allow robots to follow all links, What type of content your site will display, your site language, how many days search website should crawl your website, and author of the website. Now after you enter all that information you can add them to your website. Into the very top of the head Tag. So when people search for your website they don’t get false information.